Whisky at Rothes Glen

The owner of Rothes Glen founded Scotland Magazine and Whisky Magazine, so you can expect Scottish heritage and a great whisky range throughout the house. On arrival you receive a dram of the house whisky, and each bedroom contains a decanter and set of Glencairn glasses to enjoy during your stay. There are whisky cabinets with the house collection in the ballroom and tasting room available for purchase by the dram or decanter. There is a walk-in safe in which each guest has their own personal whisky safe and 24-hour security system for complete peace of mind. With a well-stocked humidor, and no corkage charge should you wish to provide your own drinks, the house is prepared to deliver the very best whisky experience.

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20210517_Rothes Glen_0035.jpg

Should you wish to explore the many whisky experiences in the area, then we’re in the heart of the region and can help wherever you need. We can source unique tours, whisky and food-pairing tastings, access to closed distilleries and whisky personalities; blenders, ambassadors and distillery managers and book tailored whisky experiences, such as tastings and dinners with leading experts.